Re: Include directory

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Prasad,

Mostly driver dedicated public functions used by the system or by some specific board configuration.

Just talking about those I know:
Console ones for instance, you can register a different input callback function than the system default one (which uses these headers as well).

For ieee802154/cc2520.h it exposes how the driver gets configured from gpio point of view, that has to be made then in relevant
board.h/c etc...

That said there are misplaced headers, gpio/gpio_mmio.h for instance has nothing to do there.
serial/uart_nsim.h seems totally useless also etc..

Looks like some cleanup would be necessary.




Could you please tell me why “include” directory is organized like this? I mean to say there is “drivers” folder and driver API header files are outside this directory(e.g. dma.h, adc.h etc..). What exactly the need of “driver” directory here? Are there any proprietary API’s for different boards/architecture??





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