Re: Do not use west v0.6.1; upgrade to v0.6.2

Youse, Charles

Hi Marti,

In spite of the fact that it doesn't cause data loss, it seems extremely serious, considering that west basically has one job (versioning).


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West v0.6.1 contains a high impact bug in the "west update" behavior
that is fixed in v0.6.2. Users of v0.6.0 and earlier are not affected.
I was requested to add a link to the bug:

It won't cause data loss, but it will cause west update to fail to check out the correct revision in some cases.


If you are using west v0.6.1 (check with west --version), please
upgrade now using the usual process:


pip3 install -U --user west

macOS and Windows:

pip3 install -U west


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