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Thank you Preston

See attached team
It looks like Carles helped you out on Slack and your question was answered.

(Posting this just to track the status on this for people only watching
the ML.)


After i compile successfully the beacon sample, i tried to burn with J-LINK to NRF52810 and nothing is detected in my scanner!

I choose the HEX

Is there anything else that i forgot ?

It´s a SKYLAB VG01 beacon that i am replacing the code!

Thank you so much!

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Hi Miguel,

Please direct technical questions for Zephyr to<>

Thank you,


On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 10:09 AM Zephyr Project - General Contact Form <<>> wrote:
Miguel Wisintainer
Did you test Zephyr on NRF52810 ?
Does it works ?
I am testing on Beacon example! Btw, will i need to use a softdevice (wich version) ? Or not necessary!

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