Re: DMA driver API, source_burst_length, dest_burst_length

Johann Fischer

Hi Baohong,

What are the data units? octets?
This is HW related. It can't specified here in the generic API.

Burst length should be used together with transfer width. Let me give an example.

For a single DMA data transfer, the source can only send data out at 2 bytes each transfer and the destination can only accept data at one byte each transfer (this is HW related.). The DMA engine will get 2 bytes from the source and sends the data to the destination one byte each time (do this twice). For this case, the DMA burst length will be 2 bytes long, since this is the minimum data unit the source side can deal with. So,
source_burst_length = 1
source_transfer_width = 2
dest_burst_length = 2
dest_transfer_width = 1
thanks for the clarification. I suppose:
source_transfer_width should be source_data_size ?
dest_transfer_width should be dest_data_size ?

It is a little redundant, what is the reason for two burst length variables? You can also pass the number of bytes per request and then calculate the burst length in the driver, if necessary.

Note: 1 or 2 in the above is absolute value. Since in the API, the enum starts from 0, 1 or 2 should be changed to 0 or 1.
Do you mean "enum dma_burst_length"? No driver seems to use it.

I would be glad if you would find time to review PR[1] and the fix for test_chan_blen_transfer (15757e1).


Best Regards,
Johann Fischer

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