RTIO API, Other potential uses

Tom Burdick

Hi Everyone,

I've been steadily and surely working on a new API, primarily aimed at sensors, but has been split in such a way that device drivers could extend the base API of configuring a stream with rules and triggering reads for other things.

It was always my intention that this base API potentially be useful for other things. Things like sensors that might also need DMA like transfers without actually copying things.

A look-see of how things are coming along, for sensors and this API, can be found

Note that the rtio_sensor prefix and requirements are an extension of the RTIO device API

I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has a potential use case for the base rtio_api besides the sensor use that I'm working on. If so I'll push hard to work on that with you to get it in for 2.1 perhaps.

Let me know your thoughts!



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