Re: RFC on STM32 Ethernet driver

Erwin Rol

Hey Erwan,

On 9-6-2017 14:17, Erwan Gouriou wrote:
Hi Erwin,

As mentioned by Neil, CONTAINER_OF is a good solution that is used in
other projects using STM32Cube.
Yes, I will rewrite it to use CONTRAINER_OF.

About I2C driver, Jorge is working on a LL based version that should go
upstream (work in progress).
So the I2C driver is being rewritten even though there is a working
version (I assume Neil's HAL version is working)? Now you are making me
even more unsure about the HAL, because it sounds like using the HAL
isn't really that wanted, and drivers will be rewritten using LL when
ever possible ?

- Erwin

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