Interfacing ENC28J60(ethernet) with PCA10056. #nrf52840


Hi Team,

I have interfaced ENC28j60 module to PCA10056 and flashed the example "zephyr/samples/net/sockets/echo" . After this, I am unable to ping PCA10056. I am getting the wireshark log as shown in attached file "wireshark_log_arp_enabled.png".  Here, mac_address of ENC28J60 is " 00:04:a3:ae:89:92", IP Address is "". IP Address of the PC I am pinging from is "". After this,I have commented out few lines of code in the file "zephyr//subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c". Now, I am able to ping "PCA10056". Please  find the wireshark log of this in the attached file "wireshark_log_arp_disabled.png". Also attached screenshot of the changes I have made to the file "zephyr//subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c" with name "ethernet_file_changes.png". Please help me in understanding why I am unable to ping without changes to the file "zephyr//subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c". Please let me know, if more information is needed.

Thanks & Regards,

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