Re: Need help in establishing client-server socket communication between my Ubuntu PC and PCA10056 board, on which Zephyr is running. #nrf52840 #samples


Thanks Marc,

I have verified that and it is fine. As mentioned in the previous mails, I am suspecting on the changes that I have made in the file "zephyr/subsys/net/l2/ethernet/ethernet.c". Although, I am not supposed to make changes in that file, I made them for my testing purpose and ping is working only with those changes. Apart from the changes I have mentioned, I haven't done any other changes to the lower layers of Zephyr. I have just done few configurations in the application layer. I am not sure, why enc28j60 is not working directly with Zephyr. Please help me in this regards. Please let me know if more information is needed.


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