GPIO driver & API Changes for Zephyr 2.1

Kumar Gala


We have been working on changes to the GPIO driver layer that we intent to support in the 2.1 Zephyr release. Towards that we need to convert all the GPIO drivers (as well as users) to the new GPIO API.

If you are on CC you own at least one of the GPIO drivers we have in tree. We’ve set a deadline of Friday Oct 11th for submitting changes to the GPIO drivers.

The detail for how to change the driver are documented in this issue:

Additionally we’ve converted several drivers already that can be used as examples (gecko, sam, mcux, nrfx are merged in the branch) and PRs for (Stellaris, cmsdk_ahb, sx1509b, mcux igpio,

PRs should be made to the `topic-gpio` branch and have [TOPIC-GPIO] in the subject.

If you have questions you can find support from various developers on the #gpio channel on slack.

Peter Bigot has worked on updating the gpio_basic_api (tests/drivers/gpio/gpio_basic_api) test to provide significant coverage of the new API and help validate the driver changes. This test requires a single wire loopback between 2-pins to run.

Thanks everyone.

- k

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