Hello, thanks for the reply.

I can't compile with CONFIG_DATA_OCRAM (I guess because I'm using version 2.0.0 and not the last of Zephyr). I will try to update it but my main problem is another.

My final goal is a comparison between my bare-metal webserver (using raw lwip + mbedtls) and a webserver created with Zephyr (using sockets).

I don't understand why the bare-metal version is much faster than the zephyr version. The example "samples/net/sockets/dumb_http_server" takes about 350ms to serve a request. I thought it was because of the external SDRAM but using it in my bare metal, the performance doesn't drop so much.

In the bare-metal version, HTTP requests are much faster than HTTPS (as I expected).
On Zephyr, HTTP requests take 350ms while HTTPS are very variable but often they are even less than 350ms! (I can't explain the reason).

Do you have any idea of the reason?

I apologize for the off-topic, if it is a problem I will create a different discussion.

Best Regards,

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