Re: Power Management

Erwan Gouriou

Hi Adam,

We've started to push briks to enable power management on STM32.
Two first PRs are:
- that enable LPTIMER to enable a tick source in sleep states.
- that provides a first power management driver

This work, limited to L4 series for now, has limitations but allowed to have a sense of what will be required in order to provide a more complete power management solution. For now, main know limitations are:
- Limited to fixed clock (HSI, ..) since there is no way right now to restart PLL after sleep more
- GPIO low power is not handled, nor other peripheral PM management is available.
- No generic way to set up wake up source

I plan to create an umbrella ticket to draw a roadmap and list implemented tickets and next steps.
Also we're looking all work that has been done on timers that are likely to be of interest on that path.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what is available.


On Mon, 7 Oct 2019 at 15:21, Adam Podogrocki <a.podogrocki@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am looking forward to some description or a hint how to utilize Power Management in STM32L0/L4 MCU family. System will work in power constraint environment. I've seen some HAL based approaches. Just wonder if Zephyr can provide similar functionality.

Are samples like "boards->nrf52->power_mgr" or "subsys->power->device_pm" all I need to investigate?

I will appreciate some general overview.


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