Re: Zephyr 1.14.1 tagged

Pushpal Sidhu

Hi Anas,

On 10/6/19, Nashif, Anas <anas.nashif@...> wrote:
We are pleased to announce that we have tagged the first 1.14 maintenance
release with fixes, as well as Bluetooth
qualification listings for the Bluetooth protocol stack included in Zephyr.

All details and the list of bugs that have been fixed in this release are
available here:

Thank you everyone who participated creating this release.

This is great, thank you. I had a question on the documentation - I
can't seem to find the 1.14.1 docs. I see, just no 1.14.1. Is the 1.14.0
documentation recent with 1.14.1, or will new documentation be coming

- Pushpal

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