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Tom Burdick


A few questions I think will help myself or others answer this easier...

I'm assuming you are able to flash the board

Are you using the same clock setup and crystal freqs as the dev board your basing this on?
Are you using the same dcdc regulator configuration?

Its been awhile since I brought up my own customer nrf52 board, but I recall having to tweak the DCDC option
SOC_DCDC_NRF52X for my first version of it since I ended up opting for external DCDC power management, and I recall
that leading to some issues.



On Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 6:19 AM <ibraxim@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have a custom board based on the QIAA layout, when i try to flash the bluetooth beacon example from the zephyr samples directory, the board does not advertise at all(the board also doesn't work with other examples either). testing the same example on a similar board such as the nrf52840_pca10059 dongle, the application works perfectly.

please note that when using examples from the NRF5 SDK to flash this custom board, they work fine with no problem.

I'm flashing this board with the bootloader option set to n as it does not have one.

any help on how to progress from here is really appreciated

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