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Hi Sebastian,

On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 09:17:01AM +0000, Sebastian Boe wrote:
AFAICT it heavily integrates with bash making it a no-go.
IMHO this depends on what Bob should be used for in the context of
Zephyr. At the BoF session most people agreed that the Multiimage
problem goes beyond Zephyr alone. If Bob (in the current version) is a
viable alternative really depends on the use case.

To what degree does Bob require Linux tools like bash?
At the moment bash is still a hard requirement. There are some other
unix tools required but this is going away in the future.

It is not an option to introduce bash as a dependency for Windows users.
You can use Bob on Windows via MSYS2, though. But I agree that this may
not be an option for everybody at the moment.

Can it be used without bash?
This is in the works. Windows support is definitely on the agenda
because there are a bunch of people that have the same requirement. The
(currently stale) PR

will be updated in the coming weeks. This requires some amount of
refactoring internally so its taking some time. The idea is to make Bob
independent of the acutally used scripting language. The first step is
to support PowerShell on Windows and then maybe Python for
cross-platform scripts.


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I think the example is the most interesting one to the Zephyr community (even though it's using FreeRTOS+Linux at the moment).

If you guys have a particular example that already builds multiple dependent Zephyr images then we can try to setup some Bob recipes that builds the same thing...

You can take a look at the open-amp sample, it creates 2 zephyr images:

- k

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