Re: C-lib status

Erwin Rol

Hey Anas,

On 12-6-2017 19:45, Nashif, Anas wrote:
Not following how this is related to Posix and feature of 1.9.
AFAIK, What is missing is a hook for gettimeofday in
lib/libc/newlib/libc-hooks.c which can then get the needed information
from the underlying hardware. We could provide a dummy and a way to
connect this to RTC drivers or the kenel timers for example...
Yeah newlib offers hooks for a lot of things, but that not just means
changing Zephyr, but also the toolchains (if I understood correctly).

And here is where the 1.9 features come in, if 1.9 will have big changes
to both API's and toolchain building I'll rather wait until that is done
(or at least started) before trying to apply patches now.

For now I rather focus on stuff like missing drivers, I got a prototype
eth_stm32_hal driver for Ethernet. I will need something to do LIN-like
RS485 (BREAK as sync on a half duplex bus) and I need CAN.

Those things I could use under other OSes (like FreeRTOS or RTEMS) too,
which gives me a possibility to contribute to Zephyr and have a backup
plan for my work.

Even though I am complaining (we Dutch always have something to
complain), Zephyr really surprised me in a positive way. It was real
easy to add the olimex_stm32_e407 bsp, and the Ethernet drivers wasn't
that difficult apart from understanding the alternate function setup of
the GPIO's.

- Erwin

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