Issue in OTA of zephyr OS over BLE on Nordic nrf52840_pca10056 chip #bluetoothmesh #ble #nrf52840

Mayank <mayank7117@...>


I'm trying to do an OTA of zephyr hci_uart application and i have done following things.
By following this document,
1) Build & flashed MCUBOOT bootloader. Addr range(0x0 to 0x8000)
2) Build, signed hex file & flashed smp_svr. Addr range(0xC000 to 0x27000)

Now, when I run below command it should respond with 'hello', but that is not the case.
Command --> sudo mcumgr --conntype ble --connstring ctlr_name=hci0,peer_name='Zephyr' echo hello

Instead, i'm getting 'Can not up hci0 interface'.
According to my understanding hci0 will be up only when i will build & flash the zephyr's hci_uart application(But it's not mentioned anywhere in above zephyr's doc).
So am i missing something and if not why it is not working as mentioned in the above zephyr's link.


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