Re: about BLE Rx test

Tommy Lin (林志聰) <Tommy.Lin@...>

Hi ,

Sorry , correction.


We have a product using nRF51824 with Zephyr v1.13.0.

Our DUT connect with RF equipment.


[Test sequence]

Step1: DUT enter Rx mode with HCI command.

Step2: RF equipment send 1500 bytes with -86dbm.

Step3: DUT end Rx mode

After then , DUT will show “tx time out “ error message.




1.     If RF equipment send a dbm above -86 (ex: -85 , -84 , -83 …..), the error message will disappear.

2.     We use Zephyr v1.13.0 and v1.14.0 , and the result is the same.


Could you give us some suggestions?


Thank You,



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