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Carles Cufi

Hi Pawel,


Copying a couple of people from Infineon that might be interested in your work.


About your questions.


  1. You are expected to provide the board files in a single Pull Request. If you are not able to do so maybe you can provide as much as you can using a Draft Pull Request and then ask for help in the mailing list
  2. Looking at the optiga-trust-x source code, it’s licensed under the MIT license, and it’s also a cross-platform project that is not maintained as part of Zephyr. This means that the proper way to integrate it into Zephyr is to use a separate repository with a Zephyr module. See here for more details:
  3. All code that goes into the main Zephyr repository should be Apache 2.0 licensed. The MIT license is fine for a module, which is a repository hosted under the zephyrproject-rtos GitHub organization but not the main repo itself. I recommend that you place all code under the MIT license in the external module, and the rest licensed as Apache 2.0 in the zephyr repo itself.





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I am currently working on project based on EFM32PG board and Optiga Trust X (security chip). I already did some work on implementing their framework and I run it with success with sample demo.

I want to ask about process of adding support for that board for Zephyr.

  1. Do I need to do everything by my own and then do the Pull Request for that?
  2. Should the framework/library be implemented as external Module or for example as external library ( /ext/lib )?
  3. Is there a problem with licensing? Because this framework is build on MIT license copyrighted by Infineon Technologies and some part with MIT copyrighted by Arrow Electronics.


Helpful links:


Implemented Platform Abstraction Layer with Zephyr support:


Best regards

Paweł Zarembski

Arrow Electronics


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