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Nashif, Anas

The current SDK is very difficult to maintain, requires lots of resources to build and is not compatible with how crosstool compilers from vendors are being distributed. There are a few other issues, for example it is only available on Linux, crosstools-ng gives us support for the Mac as well. Another things is portability, try moving binaries around, this fails with the current SDK. All in all, we are trying to make it simpler and easier to maintain and we want to rely on vendor toolchains rather than build everything ourselves in one giant blob and then have to support it. We are not in the toolchain business, we want to leave this to the experts and rely on recipes that are simple that the way it is right now.


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Hey All,

when going over the 1.9 plans I noticed "sdk-ng".

When looking into the "sdk-ng" repo I noticed switching from yocto to crosstools-ng.

One question; why ?

- Erwin
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