Re: [EXT] [Zephyr-devel] about Dual Mac application for zephyr

Tomasz Bursztyka


Indeed the driver requires another instance to be added. Hopefully it's
trivial, basically a copy-paste of the existing one minor tiny
modifications. The annoying part will be modifying Kconfig as ethernet
drivers do not take fully advantage of device-tree yet.

Zephyr supports as many network interface as you can provide. I guess
about MAC you talk about MAC addresses and not MAC stack.
You will have to select the unique mac address option, this one will
pick up the hardware one.


Hello Nie,

First you have a limitation in the fact the ethernet driver
(eth_mcux) for this board is implemented as single instance, you need
2 instances (new feature implementation).
I’m also not sure the OS supports multiple eth stacks.

Andrei Gansari

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Subject: [EXT] [Zephyr-devel] about Dual Mac application for zephyr

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Hi Guys:
I get an i.mxRT106x development kit board recently. It is
developed by third party . This boards have two Ethernet port.The
processor is i.mxRT1061, I hope to link several boards as an network.
but I don't find any example about two Mac in zephyr application. Can
anyone give some suggestions about it? Thank you!
best regards

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