Re: How to add support for Silabs EFM32JG12B?

Kumar Gala

I owe a response to this, but haven’t had time to think about it in a lot of detail.

On Nov 19, 2019, at 6:02 AM, Christian Taedcke <> wrote:


i want to add support for the Silabs EFM32JG12B soc. It is nearly the same as the already supported EFM32PG12B. It has the exact same peripherals, memory etc, only a different core. The EFM32JG12B has a Cortex-M3, the EFM32PG12B a Cortex-M4.
Does the EFM32PG12B Cortex-M4 have floating point support?

Because of this Silabs does not provide an extra development board, since binaries built for the EFM32JG12B can run on the EFM32PG12B. So the recommended development board for the EFM32JG12B is efm32pg_stk3402a


1. How to deal with a soc that only differs in the core? I would like to reuse (without copying) a lot of stuff from the efm32pg12b (i.e. the folder soc/arm/silabs_exx32/efm32pg12b and the device tree stuff). Any hints on how to do that?
So I don’t know if renaming efm32pg12b to efm32Xg12b makes sense to cover the 2 variants.

2. Since there is no development board for the EFM32JG12B soc, i would like to add the possibility to the board efm32pg_stk3402a to compile for the EFM32JG12B instead of the EFM32PG12B. Is that possible or are there other recommendations?
It should be doable, we have several boards that support different “configurations” already. Examples are the dual core SoCs in which we have one board dir but different <BOARD>_CFG.yaml and such for the different variants.

Not sure if that gives you enough to start with.

- k

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