Re: about the difference of device tree use method compare with linux?

Marc Herbert

On 22 Nov 2019, at 00:25, wrote:

Personally I am not convinced DTS should be used in Zephyr due to this limitation. Since it is not a separate system component you cannot embed HW configuration that would stay on the board regardless of the FW. Anyway somebody thought it would be nice to separate things related to HW into DTS. I think however that this splits configuration into two (HW vs FW) without any good use case.

Run-time aspects aside, I (naively?) believe using a different language enforces a much cleaner and maintainable separation between generic code and hardware specific configuration.

The Linux kernel had both - weren't board files messy because mixing up the two? With a lot of duplication? It'd be nice if someone who remembers board files could comment.

Now this doesn't come for free: just google "device tree stable ABI" - which... I think indirectly proves the point about board files.

PS: I doubt anyone would suggest using C code for (K)configuration.

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