Zephyr 1.8.0-rc4 tagged

Nashif, Anas


I just noticed all my previous rc notifications were stuck and not sent out. Sorry about that.


We have just tagged rc4 which is is very close to the final release pending completion of the release notes. If all goes ok with that rc, we will release it as 1.8 in the next 1-2 days.


Changes since rc1 are below…


Adithya Baglody (2):

      tests: benchmark: app_kernel: Return values from kernel APIs are read.

      tests: benchmark: Fixed build error from icx toolchain.


Anas Nashif (17):

      boards: microbit: enable flashing with pyocd

      Revert "xtools: get rid of warnings about wrong path"

      doc: remove links to wiki

      xtools: add new configurations for xtools 1.23

      doc: update macOS getting started documentation

      doc: also require dtc to be installed for linux

      doc: emphasize usage of MSYS2 MSYS Shell

      dts: make extract script take options

      dts: generate definitions for build system

      release: Zephyr 1.8.0-rc2

      Revert "x86: call gen_idt with $ZEPHYR_BASE too"

      quark_d2000_crb: increase default stack size

      gitlint: Ignore signed-off-by line

      release: Tag 1.8.0-rc3

      license: add missing licenses and copyright

      tests: remove obsolete usage of defrag

      release: Tag 1.8.0-rc4


Andrew Boie (22):

      bbc_microbit: fix 'make debugserver'

      arm: implement __svc on Cortex M0

      arm: fix k_oops on armv6 with interrupts locked

      Makefile.toolchain.zephyr: fix C++ on Xtensa

      samples: restore cpp_synchronization test

      doc: add interrupt implementation details

      printk: fix printing of long long types

      gccarmemb: don't assume 'dtc' is in /usr/bin

      kernel: fix short time-slice reset

      schedule_api: don't exclude Nios II

      nios2: reset timeslice on interrupt-induced swap

      riscv32: update time slice before swap

      tests: context: make some failures less ambiguous

      tests: context: allow 2 ticks of slop

      sam3x: report correct number of IRQ priority bits

      frdm_k64f: default to pyocd.sh for flashing/debug

      stack_sentinel: change cooperative check

      arches: declare _SysFatalErrorHandler __weak

      k_oops: force unlock IRQs on ARMv7M

      tests: fatal: increase coverage

      stack_sentinel: hang system on failure

      tests: context: move idle test to the end


Andy Gross (4):

      Makefile: Add dts config include file

      doc: Add Device Tree documentation

      dts: yaml: Add YAML template file

      scripts: Makefile.lib: Add dependency for DTS overlay


Carles Cufi (6):

      Bluetooth: controller: Increase RX prio stack size

      Bluetooth: controller: Conditionally include conn-related options

      Bluetooth: Consolidate all role configuration

      build: Fix DTC overlay file paths on MSYS2

      doc: getting_started: Add WSL instructions

      doc: Fill the Bluetooth section in the 1.8 release notes


David B. Kinder (4):

      doc: fix linenum references in api example

      doc: starting draft for 1.8 release notes

      doc: fix misspellings in docs

      doc: fix board/sample broken links


David Brown (1):

      dts: Allow override of dts overlay directory


Harry Jiang (2):

      sensor: lps22hb: fix the pressure sensor fractional value

      dts: 96b_carbon: Fix the model name and compatible


Inaky Perez-Gonzalez (1):

      scripts: look for files with no licensing info


Jaganath Kanakkassery (1):

      Bluetooth: SDP: Fix possible out of bound memory access


Johan Hedberg (4):

      Bluetooth: AVDTP: Remove dead code

      Bluetooth: Fix missing test for BLUETOOTH_CONN with DLE

      Bluetooth: ATT: Fix canceling ATT timeout upon response

      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Remove redundant checks for chan->ops


John Andersen (1):

      samples: net: mqtt_publisher: fixed formatting


Jukka Rissanen (31):

      net: zoap: Fix NULL pointer access

      tests: net: zoap: Add path uri matching tests

      net: zoap: Remove extra null checks

      net: http: Add timeout to HTTP server response

      sample: net: http: Add Basic auth support to server sample

      net: Print characters in hexdump

      net: pkt: Handle out-of-mem case properly

      net: ipv6: Skip unknown options in NS message

      net: http: Handle HTTPS connection closing gracefully

      samples: net: mbedtls_dtlsclient: Fix compile issues

      samples: net: mbedtls_dtlsclient: Fix testcase.ini

      samples: net: coaps_client: Fix compile issues

      samples: net: coaps_client: Fix testcase.ini

      net: ipv6: Default reassembly timeout set to 5 sec

      net: ipv6: Memory leak during fragment reassembly

      net: ipv6: Fix the IPv6 packet fragmentation sending

      net: ipv6: Fix fragmentation cancellation

      net: ipv6: Make max number of fragmented pkt configurable

      tests: net: ipv6: Test IPv6 fragmentation sending

      net: shell: Enhance IPv6 fragmentation debugging prints

      net: http: Parsing state was not cleared

      samples: net: zperf: Fix llvm compiler warnings

      samples: net: dtls_client: Fix Coverity warning

      samples: net: http_client: Increase the number of buffers

      net: http: Use random source port when connecting

      net: http: Avoid unnecessary net_pkt error print

      net: tcp: Timeout memory allocations

      net: https: Allow mbedtls debugging for https-server

      samples: net: Fix README.rst file documentation

      net: tcp: Check pkt before sending RESET

      doc: Add networking changes to 1.8 release note


Justin Watson (3):

      arch: arm: Fix SoC issues with Atmel SAM4S series.

      boards: arm: Added doc. image for the SAM E70 Xplained.

      boards: arm: arduino_due: Added doc. image for the Arduino Due.


Kumar Gala (1):

      toolchain.gccarmemb: Fix support for where to find newlib


Leandro Pereira (6):

      drivers: spi_mcux_dspi: Fix unlikely but possible division by zero

      tests: clock: Initialize d64 value

      ieee802154_shell: Only accept channels within expected range

      samples: mqtt_publisher: Try connecting a few times before giving up

      net: tcp: Limit number of segment retransmissions

      samples: dns_resolve: Clarify documentation about DNS configuration


Luiz Augusto von Dentz (3):

      net: shell: Move SHELL_REGISTER out of net_shell_init

      net: shell: Remove extra help command

      Bluetooth: GATT: Fix not queuing writes to CCC


Marti Bolivar (5):

      stack.h: add missing include guard

      lib: json: fix JSON_OBJ_DESCR_ARRAY Doxygen example

      tests: json: fix sense of test result string

      lib: json: add JSON_OBJ_DESCR_*_NAMED variants

      tests: json: test JSON_OBJ_DESCR_*_NAMED


Maureen Helm (1):

      arm: nxp: mpu: Return constant number of mpu regions


Michael Scott (3):

      arm: soc: nordic nRF52: Add MPU support

      arm: soc: nxp k6x: mpu: clarify magic numbers for UM/SM defines

      arm: soc: nxp k6x: mpu: add Bus Master 3 User Mode access bits


Patrik Flykt (1):

      zoap: Include net/net_ip.h when sockaddr is used


Paul Sokolovsky (6):

      subsys: console: Fix signed vs unsigned char issues.

      drivers/ethernet/eth_mcux: Fix extra PHY debug Kconfig name.

      tests: net: ipv6: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference behind a macro

      drivers/ethernet/eth_mcux: Fix selection of promisc mode IPv6 workaround

      drivers: serial: Clarification for uart_fifo_fill()/read() calls

      net: context: Operations on unused context should lead to EBADF.


Piotr Mienkowski (1):

      watchdog: atmel_sam: enable build for all SAM family


Ravi kumar Veeramally (2):

      net: rpl: Update RPL header

      net: 6lo: Fix source address uncompression


Sharron LIU (4):

      tests: kernel: added tests for timeslice reset

      tests: kernel: added tests for k_mem_pool_alloc from isr

      samples: fixed typo in README.rst

      samples: static_lib: conditional assign BOARD (?=)


Tomasz Bursztyka (1):

      api/spi: Change transceive functions signature


Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (7):

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix DLE crossover assert

      Bluetooth: controller: Handle Rej Ext Ind for Length Req PDU

      Bluetooth: Auto-update LE data length to max. supported

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix CSA#2 assert

      Bluetooth: controller: Fix failing fast encryption setup feature

      drivers: timer: Fix nRF RTC timer _timer_cycle_get_32

      arch: arm: Fix compile error on ARMv6-M SoCs with TICKLESS_KERNEL


Vincenzo Frascino (1):

      arm: core: mpu: Add core support to NXP MPU


chunlin (1):

      arm: core: mpu: Prevent updating unexpected region


ruuddw (1):

      Create release-notes-1.8.rst





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