How to combine smp_svr and hci_uart app's of zephyr for DFU OTA #hci #nrf52480 #ble #uart #samples

Mayank <mayank7117@...>


I want to do an DFU OTA in nRF52840 BLE chip.

I have flashed mcuboot bootloader and also flashed hci_uart (To scan BLE beacons) application. This will be one time flash using JTAG.

Now, I want to perform DFU OTA with the newly updated hci_uart application.

I found that we can do DFU using 'mcumgr' cli and to use 'mcumgr'  zephyr's smp_svr sample application is required on the chip.

But i can't do the firmware upgrade because i have only (mcuboot + hci_uart) app's on nRF52840 & not smp_svr. (Flashed one time using JTAG).


Q1 : Is it possible to combine smp_svr + hci_uart for one time flashing using JTAG. (So afterwards i can do OTA of hci_uart app directly using mcumgr tool)

Q2 : Is there any alternate way to perform DFU of hci_uart app with/without using smp_svr.


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