DFU OTA by using mcuboot bootloader in serial recovery mode #ble #hci #nrf52480 #uart

Mayank <mayank7117@...>

Hello All,

Right now I'm exploring the best way to do DFU OTA.
I would like to ask that how i can do the DFU by booting the mcuboot bootloader in serial recovery mode.

I have one nrf52840_pca10056 chip integrated on my custom board, which has mcuboot as a bootloader. I don't have any direct pin access to the nrf chip.
I'm doing an OTA for zephyr's hci_uart sample application.

My aim is:
- Flash mcuboot
- Flash hci_uart application one time using Jlink segger (For beacon scanning)
- After that i should be able to do DFU OTA on field, without having any Jlink kind of wired connection.


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