Linkage Zephyr V1.13 versus V2.X


Hi all,
Recently I have moved from Zephyr 1.13 to V2.
I ported my simple BLE peripheral application based on the sample code peripheral_hr from  V1.13 to V2.
However I can't seem to get it build anymore due to a linkage issue.
As far as I can see the sources are well compiled but for some reason the linker reports an undefined reference.
"/home/frv/develop/zephyrproject/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/peripheral_hrORIGI/src/button.c:78: undefined reference to `bt_gatt_service_register'"
In my setup the GATT services are still defined in separate files. 
So next to my main.c that calls the init function (button_init()) I have the sources button.c and button.h file where I define my own GATT service (cfr. hrs.c, hrs.h as done in V1.13) to follow up a button press.
The CMakeLists.txt has as content (which is pretty simple): 
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.13.1)
include($ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/cmake/app/boilerplate.cmake NO_POLICY_SCOPE)
FILE(GLOB app_sources src/*.c)
target_sources(app PRIVATE
//has the button.h file
In the button.c  code snippet:
static struct bt_gatt_service button_svc = BT_GATT_SERVICE(attrs);
void button_init(void)
   int result = bt_gatt_service_register(&button_svc);
I have spend some time on looking at the boilerplate concepts but so far without any luck to prevent the linker error.
I also had a look at this :
Any idea's what the issue could be and how to solve this properly. Linkage order?
BTW when I do the call, bt_gatt_service_register,  in the main.c this is not seen as an undefined reference.
Best regards,

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