Re: Why the default MAC address is not shown in the host when using hciconfig command in linux #hci #ble #nrf52 #nrf52840

Johan Hedberg

Hi Venkatesh,

On 10. Dec 2019, at 15.18, Venkatesh Dyagala <venkatesh.dyagala@...> wrote:
Now when we insert into linux PC and when i check the device using the hciconfig command the MAC address of the dongle is 00:00:00:00:00:00
But when we used bluetoothctl show command a 6byte MAC address is shown.
hciconfig uses a legacy ioctl kernel interface which is only able to retrieve the public address of a controller. nRF controllers do not come with any public address by default, which is why you only see zeroes. What controllers do need is an identity address, and that can be either a public address or a static random address. It’s the latter that gets automatically set by bluetoothd and what bluetoothctl shows you. bluetoothctl is a D-Bus client that simply shows the “Address” property of the Adapter object. That needs to be combined with the “AddressType” property to know that type of address it is (in your case it would be “random”).


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