Re: [TCP/MQTT] Connection issue



We actually encountered the same issue, not with this driver but with a different modem based upon this driver, from what I remember (it has been a long time since I last investigated) it seemed as if each reconnect incremented the memory address of the buffers so something wasn’t getting cleaned up, I didn’t look into if this was the networking stack or the driver however. This was on Zephyr 1.14, it was also using MQTT but not that specific sample.




> I found where something is wrong.

> Indeed in net_context_get function, I saw that I reached CONFIG_NET_MAX_CONTEXTS (equal to 10 in my prj.conf).
> For your information, I use UBLOX sara r4 driver (on zephyr 1.14.1 as I mentionned in my previous mail) and I wonder if contexts are well managed in this revision, especially when socket is closed ?


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