My Bad! Re: DTS processing finds illegal return status of "ok" (as opposed to "okay") #nrf52480


Sorry for the earlier post.  This always happens when I've been away from a platform during a
major upgrade.  I also had an overlay file redirecting spi0 pins that contained "status = "ok"".  I
successfully used this back when "ok" was, well, ok.  Now the correct value is "okay"...don't know
when that change took effect.  I suspect it was when 2.0 was released.  I now pass through that
part of the CMake process.

But, while I'm here, I wonder if there's an easy way to list all the config params associated with a
particular platform and device.  For example, I would like to list all the params related to SPI on
the NRF52840.  I guess I can grep through the complete list of config params looking for any
"CONFIG_xxxxx" containing "_NRFX_".  But, I don't know how complete a search that would
give...also, not sure if every board uses a similar scheme.  In the past, I have looked through
driver source files and culled out  parameters that looked pertinent; but, can't help thinking there
must be a better, more complete, way to accomplish this.

Chuck McP

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