Re: Hci_usb on nrf52840 dongle



On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 06:52:17AM -0800, Brett Preston wrote:
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I'm trying to install hci_usb on nrf52840 usb dongle after i build hex
file and programing it in nrf connect programig tool, i'm having trouble
with activating Bluetooth. In device manager (You can see it in image)  on
my Windows 10 say's :
Does it work on Linux? I have not tested the hci_usb sample on Windows,
probably some modifications are needed.

Best regards
Andrei Emeltchenko

“ this device cannot start. (code 10)“ i tried to
install new driver but it is newest driver already. Have You had any
similar experiences? (sorry for my bad English. 😊)


Best regards,



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