Re: False positive on Shippable ?

Erwin Rol

Hey David,

yes that one white-space thing I over looked. And now I fixed it the
other errors are gone to, which kind of surprises me.

Did you or someone else change anything between the two runs ?

- Erwin

On 18-6-2017 18:08, David Brown wrote:
there are two different errors here, both coming from checkpatch.

The first is a trailing whitespace error. This is real, and needs to be

-:340: ERROR:TRAILING_WHITESPACE: trailing whitespace
#340: FILE: drivers/ethernet/eth_stm32_hal.c:91:
+^I * Transmit Poll Demand to resume transmission $

The other errors are checkpatch being confused by the __IO marker before
the variable declarations. Given that checkpatch is just wrong here, I'm
not sure what the correct action is. Maybe it is just a warning, and it
will allow the change in, once the whitespace error is fixed.


On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 9:19 AM, Erwin Rol <mailinglists@...
<mailto:mailinglists@...>> wrote:

Hey all,

Could someone tell me why shippable is complaining here?

- Erwin
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