The topic-gpio branch has been merged to master

Carles Cufi

Hi all,

As of this morning the 313 commits in the topic-gpio branch have been merged into Zephyr's master branch.

What this means for you if:

a) You are a GPIO API user:

- Big chunks of the existing API have been deprecated, leading to deprecation build warnings. You should port your application to the new GPIO API as soon as possible, although you have 2 full Zephyr releases until the deprecated API is finally removed. Please refer to Peter Bigot's "porting guide" in this GitHub comment for additional information:

b) You have outstanding, unmerged Pull Requests:

- The Pull Requests may show green CI, but that is misleading. We encourage you to rebase your Pull Request as soon as possible against the current master and push.

- If your Pull Request makes use of the GPIO API, it will not pass CI due to deprecation warnings. There is no solution but to port your code to the new GPIO API. If you are on a deadline for 2.2 feature freeze ping us on the #gpio channel on Slack to see if we can help.

c) You are a maintainer with merge rights:

- You need to make sure that CI has been rerun after the topic-gpio merge happened and *before* you merge any Pull Request to master

Additional information about the merge process can be found here:

Finally I want to thank everybody who contributed to this effort, which has spanned many months and several hundred commits.
Special mention to Piotr Mienkowski and Peter Bigot, whose dedication to getting this done has made it possible to merge this branch in time for the 2.2 release.



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