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Boie, Andrew P



when reporting issues, either here or in GitHub, can you copy/paste your terminal output instead of posting screen shots?




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Hi Carles,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Now, I can download code and build it successfully.

Kernel: 2.2.0

SDK: 0.11.1



When I burn zephyr.hex into our chip (NRF51824) , and I encounter an issue.

In my previous version (kernel: 1.13   SDK: 0.9.5) , the issue is absence .


Could you give us some suggestions.


Thank You


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Hi there,


Zephyr requires Python 3.6 or later, and from your log you seem to be using Python 3.5.


Please update your Python installation. If you are on Ubuntu something like this should work:


sudo apt install python3.7

sudo update-alternatives --config python3




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Hi Zephyr,

I following Getting Started Guide .


In ‘west update’ , I encounter an error:


My PC is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Could you give us some suggestions


Thank You,





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