Re: make menuconfig for STM32MP157 activating STM32Cube ?

Erwan Gouriou


Can you check following readme section and see if it answers your point?


Le sam. 15 févr. 2020 à 17:45, <friedtj@...> a écrit :
I am building (RPMSG
and VirtIO example for the STM32MP157 using OpenAMP) for Zephyr and have been
facing the issue of linking with the STM32Cube library functions.

I am using the external arm-none-eabi-gcc compilation toolchain under
Debian/GNU Linux with
export ZEPHYR_TOOLCHAIN_VARIANT=cross-compile
export CROSS_COMPILE=/usr/bin/arm-none-eabi-

The tree structure I have (west init && cd zephyr && west update)
has created modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/ at the same level than zephyr.

This ST example relies heavily on the STM32Cube framework I had to link with.
I achieved a functional result by adding in my CMakeLists.txt the following statement

target_sources(app PRIVATE src/main.c src/rpmsg_hdr.c src/openamp.c src/mbox_ipcc.c src/rsc_table.c src/copro_sync.c $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_dma.c $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_gpio.c $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_rcc_ex.c  $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_ipcc.c $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_cortex.c $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_tim_ex.c  $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_pwr.c  $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE}/../modules/hal/stm32/stm32cube/stm32mp1xx/drivers/src/stm32mp1xx_hal_tim.c)

following the advice I read at

"Plus add HAL driver file (when needed):
obj-$(CONFIG_SERIAL_HAS_DRIVER) += stm32yyxx/drivers/src/stm32yyxx_hal_uart.o"

This is most probably *not* the right way and hence my question to this list:
if I wish to activate these functions in STM32Cube, make menuconfig in the build directory
in red, but then all other subsystems (eg - - <USE_STM32_HAL_DMA> or
- - <USE_STM32_HAL_IPCC>) which I believe would fill the cmake configuration
file properly are disabled and cannot be enabled. I fail to understand what
option prevents me from activating these functionalities.

Could anyone explain what I am doing wrong in this configuration ?

Thank you, Jean-Michel

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