hci_uart application with flow control disable #uart #samples #ble #hci #nrf52480

Mayank <mayank7117@...>

Hi All,

I have a doubt regarding one of the sample application of zephyr (samples/bluetooth/hci_uart).
This 'hci_uart' application has Hardware flow control enable by default in its nrf.conf file. (CONFIG_UART_0_NRF_FLOW_CONTROL=y)

I have build this sample app with CONFIG_UART_0_NRF_FLOW_CONTROL=n. So, i have only configured Tx, Rx from zephyr side.

I have one custom board based on IMX6ULL processor, and on that i have connected nordic's nRF52840 chip over UART ( Flashed nRF52840 with above mentioned hci_uart application).
Purpose: To scan BLE beacons for 10 seconds, Sleep for 10 sec, Scan for 10 sec, and so on (Continuous).

From processor side also i have disabled the hardware flow control (Hence,Only using Tx, Rx).

Q1: As i'm not using HW flow control, Can i have any flow control related problem if there will be more number of devices/beacons available for the scanning.
Q2: Can i implement software flow control in hci_uart application ? If yes then how?
Q3: What is the meaning of this flag in zephyr confiuration : CONFIG_BT_HCI_ACL_FLOW_CONTROL?

NOTE: Currently i'm not observing any problem while scanning around 70 beacons exists in the surrounding environment.

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