Dev-Review Meeting Agenda Feb 20

Kumar Gala


Meeting Minutes:

• Kumar on vacation next 2 weeks, Marti will lead meetings

GitHub PR/Issues:
• n/a

Device Tree:
• Modified plan for topic-devicetree - from discussion last week. Plan is now to treat topic-devicetree as a normal topic branch and have PRs go through normal review. I’ve posted an initial set of DT_INST conversions. Next major batch requires closing on for nodelabel support
• DT Naming consistent convention -
• Loss of configurability from Kconfig -> DT -
• System initialization in DT dependency ordinal order - Marti
• “Naming” one device for unique purpose (OpenISA system timer, STM32 lptimer)
• usage of aliases for samples/tests
• fixed non-alias reference to specific nodes:
• clearly define constraints on identifier/property name conflicts

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