Re: How do I get to know about plans on on-going or future features?

Carles Cufi

Hi Alex,


Thanks for your interest in Zephyr.

I think you should begin by defining an area you want to contribute in: kernel, filesystems, drivers, protocol stacks, etc.

In order to find out which features are missing I think one good way is to look through the “Enhancements” and “Feature Requests” GitHub issues:




Feature Requests:


Once you define the area you want to contribute in, you can combine the above labels with an area label and browse through the issues.

As soon as you find an issue you would like to work on, you can then write on the mailing list asking if there is someone else planning to work or working already on it.


Another category that might be of interest to you is the “Good first issue”, which we have tried to use for issues that are not overly complicated and that can serve as a starting point to someone like you looking to become a contributor:






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I am new to Zephyr projet, and I'd like to contribute.


There are many features had been implemented by the moment.

There are features are being implemented at the moment.

Finally, there are features to be implemented.


How do I know about the last two groups of features? About plans on them?


Where do I start?




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