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I would recommend opening menuconfig and reading the help text for
each option.
It's also possible to search/read config option descriptions in Zephyr
docs, just go to , paste an
option name into search field on the left, and voila.

That said, in this case, option descriptions are rather bare and hardly
can be understood without knowing more context (like, being a Zephyr
developer with some experience):

I'd suggest we use questions like this to actually improve config
option descriptions. In that regard, I submitted

Subject: [Zephyr-devel] CONFIG_MBEDTLS_BUILTIN vs

Hi All,

What is the difference between CONFIG_MBEDTLS_BUILTIN vs

When i set CONFIG_MBEDTLS_LIBRARY it is throwing error:

fatal error: mbedtls/config.h: No such file or directory #include
"mbedtls/config.h" ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I want to set MBEDTLS_X509_CRT_PARSE_C, so that my certificate and
private keys are parsed by the mbedtls library, can you please
provide me steps to achieve this?
Best Regards,
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