Re: Problems with MQTT on FRDM-K64F


For the problem of address already in use, it seems that mosquitto is already running,
If you see there's a mosquitto process in "ps aux |grep mosquit", try to stop the existing one by "sudo service mosquitto stop".

Aska Wu

On Tue, 27 Jun 2017 at 21:05 Kevin Stöckl <k_stoeckl@...> wrote:


I try to run the sample mqtt publisher on the frdm-k64f.

First I changed the IP-adress on the linux host machine to

Then i type make BOARD=frdm_k64f and then I try to run mosquitto with sudo mosquitto -v -p 1883.

There I got the error message Address already in use and nothing happens.

In the config.h File I changed the Server Address to

What could be the problem?

How can I change the IP-adress of the board? And is this necessary?

Thanks in advance


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