Zephyr 2.2 released

Johan Hedberg


We are excited to announce the release of Zephyr RTOS version 2.2.0!

Major enhancements with this release include (but are not limited to):

* We added initial support for 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture (Experimental).
* CANopen protocol support through 3rd party CANopenNode stack
* LoRa support was added through integration of the Semtech LoRaWAN endpoint
stack and addition of a new SX1276 LoRa modem driver.

The detailed release notes can be found here:


I would like to thank the community members who contributed to this release. There were a total of 2642 commits from 205 contributors in the development of 2.2. It has taken a lot of hard work from everyone in the Zephyr community!

Starting now, the tree is open for new features targeting the 2.3 release, which is tentatively scheduled for May 29th 2020.

Thanks again,


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