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Hi Ali,

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The Nordic company referred me to your website so I may get my answer here.
My question is that I need to implement my own channel mapping based on a
different scenario.
You can use the HCI LE_Set_Host_Channel_Classification to select you own channel mapping for connections.
This is available in controller only binary (sample/bluetooth/hci_uart), or you can add your own API that your application could use.

For example, in the list of bad channels and good
channels which use RSSI or PER.
What is PER?

I want to increase the BER for good channels
in a certain time period. Another example can be rescheduling the channel
list based on different timing or clustering.
I was wondering if your stack could kindly provide me with a solution.
Currently, there is no software support to profiling BER in the stack.
But, stack does use CRC check on reception to accept valid packets.
You can use the received packet, Rx-ed channel and CRC status to profile.
Grep for “crc_ok” in subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ctrl.c.
Interesting function is isr_rx_conn, both RSSI and CRC status are available in that function for use.

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