Zephyr Toolchain Working Group Meeting – 19 March 2020

Rasmussen, Torsten



For today’s meeting let’s follow up on last meeting action items and get a status update.

Also I think we should continue the talk on the short goals, to get some progress.



  • Updates:
    • Wayne: PR22668: Anything new ?
    • Thomas: IAR: Get basic hello world compiling, (linking with GCC) : Status ?
  • Short term goals, way forward
    • Dedicated toolchain test cases, 
    • Label PR for automatic execution of CI Toolchain test cases
  • Toolchain abstraction: Re-opened: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/issues/16031





Feel free to send a mail, if you would like additional topics to be discussed.


Best regards


Torsten T. Rasmussen           


Live meeting minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQKBK-GcJNZG0O9QArqYfvb6Huk5xHscN-XIGEZr-z8/edit#heading=h.x36xe8bnwr9r




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