Re: netapp api init bug

Jukka Rissanen

Hi Erwin,

On Sun, 2017-07-02 at 14:19 +0200, Erwin Rol wrote:
Hallo All,

in zephyr/subsys/net/lib/app/init.c the following piece of code;

int net_app_init(const char *app_info, u32_t flags, s32_t timeout)
#define LOOP_DEVIDER 10
        struct net_if *iface = net_if_get_default();
        int loop = timeout / LOOP_DEVIDER;
        int count = 0;

        if (app_info) {
                NET_INFO("%s", app_info);

        if (flags & NET_APP_NEED_IPV6) {

        if (flags & NET_APP_NEED_IPV4) {

        k_sem_init(&counter, count, count);

causes and assert in k_sem_init when neither NET_APP_NEED_IPV6 or
NET_APP_NEED_IPV4 are selected, because count will be 0 and the sem
limit, 3rd arg of k_sem_init, is not allowed to be 0.
Indeed, can you send a fix for this?

And shouldn't it be LOOP_DIVIDER instead of LOOP_DEVIDER?
Yes, there is a typo here.

- Erwin

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