Re: what is the code in ./zephyr/tests and what is the difference of it between with ./zephyr/samples/ ?

Anas Nashif

Tests  has many tests that can be run in Qemu or can be used to test additional functionality on real hardware, they do not server anything beside the purpose of testing functionality. Samples on the other hand are a bit more useful and show functionality and features of the OS.

There is a grey area where some samples are being used for basic testing and day to day development, for example the echo server/client combo under networking and probably some other samples that qualify more as tests. But in general the rule is, a sample has to do something useful and does not qualify as a test for a certain feature, but a way to show it.


On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 5:14 PM, 曹子龙 <13824125580@...> wrote:
Dear all:

   i am running some test pattern about network on arduino_due board, i found that both the  ./zephyr/tests  and ./zephyr/ssamples/ are have some test pattren about network,  they seems related  just frome the name, but each one has is own main entry, so i want to know what is the difference between them and when should i use the test pattern in ./zephyr/test directory.

this is my first time to zephyr network, please bear with me my mistake, thank you very much for your kindly support.


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