Getting LWM2M client working on linux emulator

Brenton Chetty

Hi there, my name is Brenton, I am a recent graduate and was tasked to compare RIOT OS with Zephyr.
I managed to get the Hello world example working with Zephyr, however I could not get the LWM2M client working on the linux emulator.
I receive this error message:
  qemu-system-arm: -serial unix:/tmp/slip.sock: Failed to connect socket /tmp/slip.sock: No such file or directory

  qemu-system-arm: -serial unix:/tmp/slip.sock: could not connect serial device to character backend 'unix:/tmp/slip.sock'

  FAILED: zephyr/CMakeFiles/run
Does anyone know how I can get this working on the linux emulator?

With thanks

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