Re: SDK 0.11.3 Release

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Kumar,

On Mon, 18 May 2020 10:33:24 -0500
"Kumar Gala" <kumar.gala@...> wrote:


Some fixes based on usage of SDK v0.11.x and addition of QEMU for
ARC, cmake package support, and some changes to how we build GDB.
Please take NOTE of the changes w/regards to GDB.

The SDK can be found here:
Thanks for this release. And to provide some feedback: I really
appreciate continuing to keep a user in control. I may imagine that
some users find all the new features like "integration with CMake
registry" to be useful for them. But for me, as a long-time Zephyr
developer, the baseline requirements are: a) being able to work with
multiple Zephyr SDK versions; b) being able to switch among them
easily; c) always be aware which version is currently in use.

So, I rely on multiple SDKs being installed in the versioned directory
names and use environment variable to switch among them (or check
what's currently used). And, I appreciate being asked whether I want all
the CMake adhoc features, and hope to be able to keep answering "n" in
the future.


Best Regards,
Paul | Open source software for ARM SoCs
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