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Carles Cufi

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Hi all,

We still have quite a few sections missing in the release notes.

Please help us fill those out in the next few days.



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Subject: Release notes for 2.3

Hi all,

It's that time of the quarter again, when we ask you to put together
some release notes for your respective subsystems.
Remember to send PRs against

Here's the list of areas with the respective owners:

Release highlights - Carles

Kernel - Andy, Andrew
Build and infrastructure - Torsten, Anas, Kumar Devicetree - Kumar,
Martí Drivers and sensors - Maureen, Tomasz, Peter, Piotr Filesystems
- Andrzej, Peter Networking - Jukka Bluetooth - Johan, Joakim, Carles,
Vinayak USB - Johann, Emil CAN - Alexander Architectures ARC - Ruud
ARM - Ioannis, Kumar, Maureen
X86 - Anas, Andrew
RISCV - Michael, Nate
Xtensa, NIOS-II - Anas, Andrew
Board and SoC support - many
Security - David (mostly done)

Thanks in advance,


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