Re: API meeting: agenda

Carles Cufi

Hi all,

A small addition to the agenda:

- PWM: add functions for capturing pwm pulse width and period
- Issue:


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Hi all,

We will be using Teams instead of Zoom:

Today's topics:

- PWM: Clarify expected behavior
- PR

- API Change: Call UART_RX_RDY event after rx_disable()
- Issue
- PR

- API Change: Mesh: Add name parameter
- Issue

Additional topics to review and close:

- QSPI flash drivers:
- Should we revisit the common QSPI API?
- Should it be part of the current SPI API?
- If not, should we try to unify the common functionality in the
multiple QSPI flash drivers?

- SPI JEDEC runtime support
- PR

- RTC API follow-up (if the relevant people are present and there is
material for discussion)
- PR:

Pending additional investigation:
- Documenting API behavior in Doxygen:
- Issue:
- Issue:

Additional items in the "Triage" column in the GitHub project may be
discussed if time permits.
If you want an item included in the meeting, please add it to the GitHub



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