Re: [Members] Enforcing a 2-approval policy in GitHub: request for more help with PR reviewing

Glaropoulos, Ioannis

Hi Paul,
Sure, let me post here for everyone's reference:

On Feb 2020 ( Zephyr TSC approved the Process Improvement Forum's proposal around Project Roles and Contribution Workflow as it was described in: For the 2-approval policy, please, refer to the slide about "Merge Criteria".


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Hello Ioannis,

On Mon, 8 Jun 2020 21:05:02 +0000
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Dear Zephyr developers,
According to the Zephyr Project Roles and Contribution Guidelines
erge-criteria), pull requests against the Project’s main branch may be
merged with 2 approvals. Until now, we have been applying this policy
in GitHub, exclusively during Zephyr release stabilization periods
(applying 1-approval policy, otherwise). I would like to notify
everyone that as of now we will permanently enforce the 2-approval
Consequently, from now on, we will be needing extra assistance in PR
reviews to maintain a high-enough rate of getting PRs approved and
merged to Zephyr master branch.
Thanks for the notification, Ioannis. I might have missed the discussion and decision-making behind this change, can you please point to the discussion thread where it happened?

A big thanks-in-advance to all for your extra efforts in PR reviewing
😊 Best Regards,
Ioannis glaropoulos | R&D
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Best Regards,
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