Re: what is the code in ./zephyr/tests and what is the difference of it between with ./zephyr/samples/ ?

Tidy(ChunHua) Jiang <tidyjiang@...>

Hi Zilong,

Sample code are a good reference to get started with network application development.
Test applications are used to verify the functionality of the IP stack, but are not the best
source for sample code(see samples/net instead).

More detail, please refer to

Best Regards,
At 2017-02-08 19:44:10, "曹子龙" <13824125580@...> wrote:
Dear all:

   i am running some test pattern about network on arduino_due board, i found that both the  ./zephyr/tests  and ./zephyr/ssamples/ are have some test pattren about network,  they seems related  just frome the name, but each one has is own main entry, so i want to know what is the difference between them and when should i use the test pattern in ./zephyr/test directory.

this is my first time to zephyr network, please bear with me my mistake, thank you very much for your kindly support.


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